Violet Glass Is Sustainable Glass 

Eco-friendly. Made from natural raw materials. Reusable and 100% recyclable. We do and think of everything to have a positive influence on our wonderful planet.

ULTRA Violetglass is a unique biophotonic glass that preserves the essence of natural products. This is achieved by harnessing the unique powers of the sun’s rays. Allowing the positive rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out.

Natural products stored in ULTRA Violetglass last longer, with a higher bioenergetic value. In other words, increasing the quality and potency of the product stored. Taste, smell, colour, bio-energy, all improved, all without the need for preservatives.

  • ULTRA glass reduces waste by extending shelf life.
  • Less additives are needed when using ULTRA glass.
  • ULTRA glass is a natural product with protective qualities.
  • ULTRA glass is fully recyclable.
  • ULTRA glass is perfect for re-use at home.

A significantly longer shelf life, reusing and recycling all help to preserve our planet’s natural resources. Thoughtful sourcing of raw materials makes a meaningful difference. Like recycled packaging and 100% biodegradable filling chips made from potato starch for safe shipment of our glass. As well as FSC certified shipment boxes, fair trade bags and recycled notebooks. It’s a continuous process of improvement. For example, currently our bottle closures are produced from different materials, but with recent technological advancements, we hope to switch to a more sustainable solution in the near future, such as mono-materials. As the name suggests, mono-materials are composed of a single material and are easier to recycle than products made from different things.

Our Earth-friendly glass is ideal for (preserving) natural products. Natural cosmetics and essential oils, herbs, superfoods, enriched water and homeopathic recipes.

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